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This was a sudden heavy rainstorm which hit during the work on the gutters. We were very excited to see the water flowing beautifully down the roof, along the gutters and pouring out at the place where we'd left off.





The sheet metal being added to the church roof, and you can see the water tank on the right (and our land rover on the left!)

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Physical Edge proudly supported Eleanor Cameron's work with Go MAD in Tanzania. This is what she wrote about the time:



Dear pray-ers and financial givers,

We're now back from our work with Go MAD in Tanzania and want to thank you all very much indeed for your kind prayers and donations towards our building projects.

Our 3 months in the small town of Musoma was challenging and exciting in many ways, such as:



All this meant that we learned to lean on God more than we really do in London life. Despite various difficulties, our team of 10 were thrilled to complete a church roof, water tank and half a pit latrine in our main village of Mukiringo, and another water tank at another site - and this financed by YOUR money and enabled by YOUR prayers! The church foundations and walls were financed by us but built prior to our arrival by the locals, and then we built wooden roof trusses, facia and gutters and helped some professionals add the sheet metal on top. We built a round water tank using many layers of cement and mesh, and the water coming off the church roof gutters will fill the tank with clean drinkable rainwater, something the villagers don't otherwise have. We were unable to complete the pit latrine due to both financial and time constraints, but have been able to dig the hole, line it with cement block walls and lay reinforced concrete lintels on the top like floorboards. Another Go MAD group will be able to finish the job by building a little house on top as 2 cubicles. We also managed and completed the building of another water tank for a lovely smiley man called Nehemiah and his wife who are living with HIV. Finally, we also started on a pit latrine at yet another site, but again time and money stopped us before completion. We also helped at a children's home, a local primary school and helped make cards to support vulnerable women.


The village of Mukiringo are DELIGHTED with their church, water tank and soon-to-be-complete toilet. This means they will be healthier by drinking clean water and using a toilet rather than the fields, they can earn money by selling water at 50shillings per bucket (that's about 20p), and they can worship and shelter inside a building rather than under a small tree! The villagers were wonderful people, so friendly and welcoming to us, and several gave us lunches at their little mud houses, which was usually rice and beans and maybe a maize cob, and even generous gifts of fabric when we left. They blessed us and loved us just as much as we did them, if not more.


Thanks again for all you did, and we hope to see you soon, in the UK or Sydney!

Rod and Eleanor