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Businesses Physical Edge has supported via KIVA

Physical Edge are supporting these businesses by lending them part of the sum they need.



Success stories:


Abdul in Sierra Leone

A loan of $250 helped Abdul to invest in agricultur! Abdul works at a sugar-producing company in Sierra Leone. He has worked there for ten years and was born and raised in the town of Magburaka. He is 42 years old, married and the father of five children who attend primary and secondary schools. Abdul got a loan to diversify and expand his income by investing in agriculture.


E Jona in Albania

A loan of $49,950 helped E Jona to start up a café in Tirana catered to Albanian youth with disabilities, providing them with a friendly environment in which to work, socialize and showcase artistic and musical talents.


Mujeres Activas

A portion of Mujeres Activas Group's $3,300 loan helped a member to buy supplies to sell, such as greens, fruit, meat, and vegetables, among others.



PE is also supporting these businesses:


Karrar in Iraq
Karrar is requesting a youth loan of USD 2,400 to pay the annual rent of his shop and to install a display window. He is aiming to grow his business and increase his profits, so that he may provide his family with better living standards.


Rita in Armenia

Rita is asking for a loan of 1,000,000 Armenian drams from Kiva lenders in order to buy a large quantity of beef for her meat production. She hopes to enlarge her business and to deliver her products to Yerevan for selling.


Senkata 2012 Group in Bolivia

The loan they are requesting will benefit the small microenterprises where Erica is a member. She says that she has been a member of Pro Mujer for 17 years, joining through the invitation from a friend who is a member of the institution. Today she has a bookstore; she discloses that she launched this business with the savings she had in her Pro Mujer nest.


Princessa Group in Mexico

Margarita is a member of the communal bank "Princessa." She works selling natural healthcare products. She started her business 2 years ago so that she could help her husband with the household expenses. This loan will help her to stock up with more products. Margarita's goal is to grow her business and have her own store, so that with the earnings she could buy a house for her family.


Sabina in Peru

Sabina has seen the earning power of her income through the businesses that she has, and this is why she has decided to improve her business. 


04-03-10-Nam Ngạn Group in Viet Nam

Ms. Đỡ has a retail business selling dried vegetables and bread. She is requesting a loan to purchase vegetables and bread to resell. Đỡ has been involved in this business for more than ten years. The main hardship that she faces in her business is the lack of capital.