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Rhys Chong raising Money for Kiva

Rhys Chong raising Money for Kiva

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- 9 February 2013 -
First Time Ironman Alex Smith is training for Challenge Barcelona 2013 to raise Money for his Son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


I'm your average kinda bloke, I like a few pints, I love my food and having a good time but in October 2013, this year, I am doing something extraordinary, an event and a challenge you can't blag. I'm taking on the Barcelona Ironman, a 3.8k ocean swim, a 180k bike ride followed by a full 42.2k marathon.

Many have asked me why an average semi-recreationaly fit guy would do this to himself and the answer is two fold.


Firstly, I'm doing it for me, I want to do something epic, something not many guys like me will ever do and perhaps get a little 'ripped' in the process at least once before I'm 40!

And secondly and most importantly, I'm doing it for charity, to raise funds and wareness for Harrison's Fund, www.harrisonsfund.org the charity we founded and named after our eldest son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal life limiting condition.

Duchenne affects every single skeletal muscle in the body, just think about that for a moment...every single muscle, blinking, wiggling toes, scratching an itch, giving a hug, simple movements we all take for granted every single day.

Harrison and kids like him are unlikely to get to their mid twenties, long before which, as science stands with no treatments or cures available, they will have completely lost the ability to function by themselves without assistance. Most are in a power chair by 12 years of age and fighting for life by their late teens, battling respiratory and heart failure.

I will need all the motivation one can muster so please please have a look, follow the training, follow AND share the facebook Average Man to Ironman page and @Average2Ironman twitter page.