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"I used to have bad back pains when working at my computer as a result of unsuitable chairs. But this specially made chair, with everything fully adjustable, arranged by Physical Edge has helped to make my back much better. It was a wise investment."

Lord Adrain Camrose

Author & Journalist


Work Stations
Work station related pain is common when a persons body is not correctly aligned and supported at the computer work station. Physical Edge has seen poor work station ergonomics cause headaches and pain in the neck, arm, hand and fingers. These symptoms will not change unless the body is supported properly at the work station.

Physical Edge is equipped to professionally assess and fit a new work station to your body. Sometimes the equipment that already exists needs to be readjusted to make the body feel more com­fortable.

Clients have reported immediate comfort once the work station fitting has been completed. In some instances new chairs have been bought which are bespoke made, a real must for people who want to feel maximum comfort when sitting.

Advanced Seating Design
Physical Edge has chosen Advanced Seating Design (ASD) to provide its bespoke and standard chair service. Physical Edge finds ASD is a company which is constantly improving its service by actively listening to clients for constructive feedback, being inno­vative in chair design, and focused on high quality products.

ASD has a specialised lumbar support system which is made for those who suffer from lower back pain. It will also custom design the back rest of the chair to fit spines which are rounded or have rotated curvatures.

ASD has a two week trial period for all chairs it makes so you have a chance to get the fit perfect for you. You can look forward to sitting in comfort and style in your chair every day.

What happens with bespoke work station assessments?

  1. Work station assessment (60 minutes) done at your home or office. Measurements are taken of your body for a quote of the chair to be made for you. You get to choose the following components of your chair; height of back support, material it is made from and colour of material. The assesser will discuss with you which chair suits you best and what type of back support you will need.
  2. A quote for the chair is sent to you and final changes to the order are made. At this stage payment is taken for the chair.
  3. The chair is made and sent to you. A representative will then fit the chair to you and show you how to operate it carefully.
  4. Maintenance of the chair will be a function of  Advanced Seating Design. The chairs require very little maintenance and clients have been extremely happy with the chairs they purchase.

Alternative Service
Physical Edge recognises not everyone can afford a new chair. An assessment of the work station and a fitting service can be arranged. This means the equipment already at the work station will be fitted to your body as best as possible and then recom­mendations for additional equipment provided so you know what is needed to get ideal work station ergonomics.

For further information about the work station assessment and fitting please email us and a team member will contact you to talk you through the service and answer your questions.