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Catriona Macpherson
Wales Ironman

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First Time Ironman

Thank you to Rhys, I have read his book and it shows what determination, discipline, dedication, talent, true grit, intelligence, and a bit of love & support from your friends (and they need patience?) can achieve, a good book. I am however a bit worried about the injuries sustained during training, I hope he does not require a physio when he is my age?

–Richard Mews


Ironman(noun): a male athlete of remarkable endurance or durablity

An Ironman Triathlon is one of the most challenging and physically demanding events in sport today. It requires the competitor to complete a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike and a full 42km marathon to finish.

Physical Edge has an established team of professionals, who are specialised in helping men and woman complete their first Ironman race. There are many facets of training required to complete an Ironman, but with the help of various coaches and medical professionals, the journey to the start line and crossing that finish line can be enjoyable, a learning experience and highly successful.

Rhys Chong, Physiotherapist at Physical Edge, completed the Switzerland Ironman and has written a book to describe what it is like to train for this incredible race, whilst working full time and maintaining a busy social calender. You can read his book about the Highs and Lows of his one year of training, and understand the euphoria he experienced when crossing the finish line.

If you are thinking of your next Physical challenge, which is beyond your wildest dreams, think about an Ironman. You can raise money for charity and push yourself mentally and physically beyond your imaginable limits. You can do this safely and enjoyably with a highly experienced support team. Read these Ironman pages for inspiration and call us if you have any questions. We are happy to meet you and have a friendly chat about Ironman at anytime. We love Ironman racing and would support you in anyway we can.



First time IronmanFirst Time Ironman

Buy Rhys Chong's book for First Time Ironman athletes.


"Far beyond simply a motivational tool for aspiring athletes, Rhys Chong's incredibly inspiring book is essential reading for anyone daring to dream big and achieve their their highest ambitions. His themes are universal: overcoming self-doubt, the rewards of a strong work ethic and determination, and the exhilaration of meeting a challenge head on. There are facets of Rhys' experience and wisdom that anyone can harness in order to reach his or her true potential - an exceptionally rewarding read."

– Robert Foy, Architect


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