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Listen to Switzerland Ironman prerace visualisation for Rhys Chong (Mental conditioning)




Physical Edge has a team of experts able to help with training for an Ironman, nutrition and helping the body heal from injuries as the training program takes place. Each member of the team is friendly, focussed and dedicated to getting the best results for each Ironman athlete.


The Team:


Rhys Chong – Sports and Spinal Physiotherapist


Rhys is a sports and spinal physiotherapist and has worked with elite sportsmen, businessmen and celebrities in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He is passionate about sport and helping athletes get back to competition as fast as possible. He has treated many triathletes and always had a lifelong ambition to complete an Ironman.

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Rhys completed the Switzerland Ironman in 12.55 hours. In his year long training he worked with a training coach, swimming specialist, bike mechanic, massage therapist, nutritionist and mind and inner game coach. Each member if his team played an integral part in his training and made it possible to complete the Ironman injury free.

Rhys wants all his Ironman clients to have the same support he had from an experienced team of professionals. He has united the professionals and created the Physical Edge Ironman team. Every one of the team has been specially selected because of the passion and commitment shown for the ironman athletes they help. If you want to do an ironman and you are a man or woman in business, entrepreneur, or celebrity between the ages of 30 and 60 we are ready to help you. You can contact us at Physical Edge Ltd. Take on the challenge, become an Ironman and have a euphoric experience.


Dr. Justin RobertsPerformance Nutritionist


Dr Roberts has worked with a variety of amateur and professional clients ranging from business to elite professional sport. He was Nutrition Advisor to the Football Association (England Senior Men’s Squad), and is current Performance Nutritionist to Manchester City Football Club.

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He has worked within numerous other sports including swimming, triathlon, rowing, cricket and cycling; and as acted as Consultant Advisor for various solo and team expeditions to polar, high altitude and desert environments.

Within the Performance Laboratory at the University of Hertfordshire, the team conduct full service provision for all athletes – ranging from physiological testing (eg: fitness assessments, lactate threshold testing, maximal oxygen uptake values, and body composition evaluation); nutritional consultations; performance nutrition advice and psychological interventions to improve performance.

Additionally, our keynote public presentations and performance advice workshops have been of significant benefit to previous clients in supporting individuals, coaches and full squads. Such workshops have also been extended to benefit a wider audience including schools and colleges; as well as the general public seeking health and fitness advice.

Chris Janzen
Mind & Inner Game Coach


Chris is the founder of – the secret weapon for triathletes who are committed to getting the most from their potential, author of two books: 8 ½ Steps to Making This Your Best Triathlon Year Ever and Race Faster NOW!, and an international expert on peak performance.

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For more than 20 years Chris’s passion has been learning and teaching the essential skills for success. He is an authority in goal achievement, finding and harnessing deep and lasting motivation, breaking limiting habits and removing inner barriers to success, as well as developing winning strategies for both individuals and teams.

A successful and ambitious athlete in his own right, he is a three-time National Champion and a World Number 1 ranked amateur. Chris has studied world-class performers, modelled their thinking, and dissected their keys to winning, (plus trained hard and sweat a lot!) helping to propel him to championships in over five different sports.

Regardless of age, triathlon experience, current level of competitiveness and future ambition, Chris knows with absolute certainty that you can increase your level of success and fulfilment through his proven personalized coaching and mentoring approach.

Chris founded to help triathletes master the inner game and tap into their full potential in order to train better, race faster, and achieve their personal best in record time.

Francisco Campana Training Coach


Passionate about health and fitness, Ironman Triathlete and Kick Boxer Francisco will test your determination and challenge you every time.

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Fran is a level 3 REPS Personal Trainer and with more than ten years experience in the fitness industry, he has a wealth of knowledge. Always professional he will work you hard but you will learn to enjoy the pain…


As army ex-special forces, a one-to-one with Francisco is about mental toughness, determination, motivation and communication between the client and the master!


As an amateur Kick Boxer, Francisco trained and fought in Holland where he gained valuable experience which he hopes to pass onto you as a client. Also he has completed five Ironman triathlons which consist of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run; this requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears! Francisco is a British Triathlon Federation qualified coach; he understands how to push your body to the limit and will help you to learn to do the same.


Whether you are looking for kick boxing, endurance races or training towards a specific goal, every program is tailored to the needs of the individual. He will help you to visualise your goals and to achieve the results that you want.


Are you ready to see Francisco, the tough motivator? Are you prepared to invest your time and commit to some hard work? Then what are you waiting for!




David Taylor Bike Mechanic


Dave Taylor is a passionate bike mechanic with over ten years experience on the spanners. He has International experience with both the UK and Australian age group triathlon teams and has worked with many talented athletes in a shop environment.

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CYTECH Level 3 qualified, biomechanics have become Dave’s passion, culminating in a trip to California to become a FIST certified fitter in 2008. Comfort is just as important as aerodynamics and power for a good bike leg in your event, so let Dave tune your position for the optimum results.

As a rider, Dave appreciates what it takes to get the most from both the rider and machine and will do his best to get you to T2 as quick and efficiently as possible, giving advice on anything on two wheels.


Emile Bitar Fitness Instructor and Swimming Specialist


Emile is a dual qualified fitness instructor and swimming specialist with experience in training Triathletes to English channel crossers.

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After a busy career in the city Emile soon realised the importance of incorporating exercise into a weekly schedule and converted to fitness consultancy specialising in swim fitness.

His training focuses on unlocking the natural talent innate in every individual though tailored technique sessions supported by event specific fitness sets. Emile trains in health clubs across London and is a former London Triathlon swimming trainer seeing groups of up to 50 swimmers at a time. He competes regularly in ocean swimming events, triathlons, plays waterpolo, skis and has a level of energy that is infectious.





High quality
Pilates Trevor Blount has been at the forefront of developing modern Pilates for more that 25 years. What makes him and his team exceptional – and different from other Pilates teachers – is their complete understanding of how to use Pilates in a way that is sympathetic to each individual’s anatomical structure. This comes from Trevor’s own daily practise, combined with his experience of teaching a huge range of people with widely different needs.

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The secret ingredient
The “internal- mechanism” is about learning how to use our bodies, to sense what is actually happening to them, rather than imposing on them what we think they should be doing – which we all tend to do.

Real and lasting power
Musculo-skeletal health is achieved by developing the “internal- mechanism” this is what gives TrevorBlountPilates real and lasting power: the power to experience and inhabit our bodies in a true and natural way. By changing existing movement patterns, and by improving the quality of our movement, we create more space inside our bodies, enabling us to feel more comfortable with our bodies and to make positive changes to our postures.

Working with athlete’s
Working with an athlete gives Trevor the opportunity of teaching the highest level of mental and physical awareness. This requires working slowly, deeply and precisely to unlock the intensity of the athlete’s mind and body. This Fuses strength and flexibility and develops good body mechanics. It also develops good breathing technique, promotes mental relaxation, flowing movement, better balance and most importantly teaches that we have a centre and a core and that one is co-dependent on the other.



Michelle Oliver Clinical Massage & Injury Rehabilitation Practitioner


Michelle has been a massage practitioner for 6 years. Initially she studied Holistic massage then progressed on to study Sports Massage. However, wanting to specialise in sports injury rehabilitation she went back to university and graduated with an FdSc in Sports Therapy. This enables her to give her patients a thorough injury assessment and devise a bespoke treatment plan.

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It was having herself suffered many injuries over the years and requiring various treatment modalities including surgery, physiotherapy, massage, etc that she embarked on this career path. She knows from personal experience how debilitating an injury can be both physically and emotionally.

Over the years she has worked with amateur and semi professional clients partaking in a wide variety of sports including: football, rugby, martial arts, kickboxing and cricket. She also has a number of personal trainers as clients.

Sports massage is used after injury to aid recovery. Some of the benefits of massage include: Breaking down scar tissue and adhesions, assisting in the removal of metabolic waste, improving muscle/joint flexibility, improving circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, reduce muscular tension, and much more!

Michelle is able to use many massage skills and advanced techniques to help her clients recover from injury and achieve their goals.


Dr Cath Spencer-Smith Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician


Cath is a Sports Medicine Doctor and has worked since 1995 with an extensive range of athletes, from Olympians and Paralympians to the novice triathlete. She was a Sports Physician at the 2012 Olympic Games, 2002 Commonwealth Games, and has worked with GB triathlon, rowing, track and field sports, marathon, endurance and outdoor adventure sports. She developed an MSc Programme at Bangor University, and is a keen lecturer. Cath is a ‘mere mortal’ marathon runner and long-distance triathlete, and is passionate about helping sports men and women of any ability to overcome injury, and return to the sport they love. No stranger to injury herself, she fully understands how physically and emotionally frustrating it can be for athletes.

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Cath specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems, and has expertise in groin, hip, knee and ankle conditions, overuse injuries, and injuries affecting the shoulder and spine. Cath has ready access to imaging and treatment of all kinds, and when needed, can fast track referrals into surgical care. She has a particular interest in helping people recover after surgery, or those who have failed to recover despite previous treatment. She has a very functional and movement based approach, and believes that each triathlete should have personally tailored care, provided by a close-working team. Most of all, she believes sport should be something we can all enjoy.



James Dunne Sport Rehabilitation Coach & Running Technique Specialist


James is the founder of Kinetic Revolution - a coaching consultancy focussed on helping distance runners and triathletes improve their running performance and overcome running injuries through improving running form.

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James currently works with a number of triathletes from beginner to professional Ironman, as well as distance runners of all levels.

As a self-confessed running geek, James is fascinated by movement patterns, particularly the dysfunctional patterns that cause overuse injuries in so many endurance athletes. His passion is helping these athletes overcome recurring injury by making appropriate adjustments to their running form.

Rather than subscribe to any specific school of running technique coaching, James takes a 'one size does not fit all' approach to running - accepting that what will be best for one athlete may be a disaster for another. Instead of suggesting that all athletes take an identical approach to improving their running form, James works with an individual-by-individual approach using sound biomechanical principals to improve the biomechanics an athlete is already inherently working with.

James believes that all athletes injured or otherwise can make marginal gains by the combined approach of working on running form, core strength, neuromuscular control and mobility.



First Time Ironman Athletes:


Alex Smith – Training for Challenge Barcelona 2013 to raise Money for his Son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 


I'm your average kinda bloke, I like a few pints, I love my food and having a good time but in October 2013, this year, I am doing something extraordinary, an event and a challenge you can't blag. I'm taking on the Barcelona Ironman, a 3.8k ocean swim, a 180k bike ride followed by a full 42.2k marathon.

Many have asked me why an average semi-recreationaly fit guy would do this to himself and the answer is two fold.

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Firstly, I'm doing it for me, i want to do something epic, something not many guys like me will ever do and perhaps get a little 'ripped' in the process at least once before I'm 40!

And secondly and most importantly, I'm doing it for charity, to raise funds and wareness for Harrison's Fund, the charity we founded and named after our eldest son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal life limiting condition.

Duchenne affects every single skeletal muscle in the body, just think about that for a moment...every single muscle, blinking, wiggling toes, scratching an itch, giving a hug, simple movements we all take for granted every single day.

Harrison and kids like him are unlikely to get to their mid twenties, long before which, as science stands with no treatments or cures available, they will have completely lost the ability to function by themselves without assistance. Most are in a power chair by 12 years of age and fighting for life by their late teens, battling respiratory and heart failure.

I will need all the motivation one can muster so please please have a look, follow the training, follow AND share the facebook Average Man to Ironman page and @Average2Ironman twitter page.