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Testimonials – Michelle Oliver


Christine – St. John Actress and Producer

In short my entire body was out of whack and hurt! If this sounds familiar to anyone, I urge you to book a deep tissue massage with Michelle Oliver at Physical Edge. She really understands this sort of injury, and when I said 'don't touch my foot' she immediately understood, and she focused on getting my body back in line. I could not recommend her more highly.



Christopher Thomson

I had ankle surgery two years in a row, which required eight weeks on crutches each time. The strain and damage to my back and shoulders was incredibly painful and Michelle's massage therapy was an integral part of my recovery and rehabilitation. I can't speak highly enough for her ability and technical knowledge, and certain she is one of the top massage therapists in the UK.



Emma Pratt – Executive Coach

Michelle is an absolutely brilliant and highly professional sports masseuse who I have been seeing now for about 18 months. Initially it was for help, in conjunction with physiotherapy, for an injury but her skill, professionalism and quite frankly 'magic hands' have turned me into a regular. Her massages have helped me recover from both a neck and ankle injury but I still experience tightness and occasional muscle pain which I know will be treated and will disappear after an hour on her table. I always leave Michelle feeling lighter, loser and extremely relaxed. The hour I spend with her is one of the most pleasurable of my week.



Bertie Russell

"I have now been seeing Michelle for just over 2 months and I am addicted! It started out as twice a month, but that lasted one session and now if only I had the time I would be there every day!

I have had problems with my knee for the past year, with the meniscus and cartilage causing havoc. I have been told by a handful of surgeons that I need to build the muscles up around my knee to stabilise the joint. I have learnt that building up the muscles is only one side of treatment. For me, sports massage and Michelle’s really focused treatment of all of the muscles of the leg has played a crucial part in aiding the rehabilitation of my knee. Until you experience it, it is difficult to explain how brilliant you feel immediately after the massage and then the more long term affect it has on the whole process of bettering, in my case, the knee.

I really wanted to write this short note of thanks and recommendation to Michelle to express my gratitude but also in the hope that everyone chooses to use this brilliant treatment to their advantage"