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Sheron Wray

James takes on Tough Mudder


Kevin Chesam and Beverley Mason

Beverley Mason

Henriett Tunyogi

Testimonials – Rhys Chong


Read Physical Edge's Ironman testimonials >


Nici Cahusac – GB Age group triathlete

I went to see Rhys in the run up to the Age Group World Triathlon Championships with some ongoing hamstring niggles that put me out of action running wise for days at a time after any hard run session or race. Rhys understood that I needed to continue training while having treatment and he gave me specific exercises to do which he reminded me were essential to complete. I did them - a first for me! 3 weeks before my race I was in great shape and ran the fastest run leg at the Worlds!


Fran Campa – Ironman Athlete, Coach and Personal Trainer

I’ve never met a more prepared and skilful physiotherapist than Rhys Chong. He is always exploring different ways of treatment and communicates clearly with my athetes, keeping me updated at all times.

Rhys Chong's treatments and techniques are at the forefront of modern physiotherapy and clients always understand the procedures he is using. With his help I am able to apply better exercise techniques and adapt the periodised programmes, depending upon on the progress of the athlete.

On a personal level, Rhys Chong has been a key supporter and one of the reasons for my success as a triathlete. I couldn’t have finished 10 Ironman races without his vast expertise in the field of physiotherapy.


Aaron Deere – Resistance and Conditioning Personal Trainer

As I compete in a combat sport I anticipate a higher injury rate than other sports, but with my 10+ years experience in strength and conditioning, I was confident in my ability to rehabilitate myself from any injury that may occur... Read More>


Physical Edge client Anna-Maria wins strong woman contest.










Rachel Saunders

"During my training for the London Marathon, I hurt my knee on a 20 mile run. Rhys slotted me in immediately and began to work on my very stiff legs to make sure I would still be able to run the race I had already trained so hard for. He used a variety of techniques to get my knee to loosen up, and his expertise with sports injuries shone through. But it wasn't just his treatment that helped me to get to the start line - he took the time to send me a nutritional plan, a build up plan, and he recorded the exercises I needed to do, to make sure I stuck to them. He is a fantastic physio and a lovely person, and thanks to him I made it all the way around, raising over £7,000 for charity and completing the challenge of a lifetime."


Anonymous – Science Communicator

"I love my job as a Science Communicator, doing science stage shows with explosions for the Science Museum and as a Freelancer with Cracking Science, so when I slipped a disc, and could barely function for the pain, I was devastated.

After visiting a series of unhelpful health professionals and having an epidural in my spine I attended an appointment with Rhys. Right from the beginning he was really helpful and understanding, I was in such acute pain that he had to adjust even the easiest of exercises for me. Rhys explained exactly what each of the exercises did physically and why I needed to do them, in addition to making sure I was doing them correctly, which really helped me. At the beginning I saw no improvement in spite of rigorously sticking to the exhausting and extensive exercises, but Rhys kept me motivated through this really dark period until I eventually did.

My progress followed the trajectory that Rhys predicted, even though I didn’t believe him at the time. After a period with no improvement, I started to gradually improve, I then turned a real corner and got better in leaps and bounds. I’m now back on stage, blowing things up to entertain children, and I couldn’t be more grateful for my health."


Robert Bricout – Architect

"We completed Spartan (Italy) today. The course was 14.2 km consisting of 27 obstacles, uphills, downhills, rivers and lots and lots of mud. It was a bit easier than last year but, of course, mentally one is stronger when you have done it before - albeit that a lot was very different this year.

There is no way I would have completed it four weeks ago and that is entirely due to you. I had been running for at least 5 km before I thought about my back / hip for the first time. I thought about it once more afterwards. I had no pain or discomfort at all. You gave me confidence to do this race. It was important for me because I have collected money from so many people for a cause I believe in and it would have been a personal disaster if I had not completed the race.

I appreciate the fact you fitted me in so quickly, were patient, knowledgeable and very caring. I know there is more to do but for now I would just like to reflect on a race successfully completed which is significantly as a result of your help. So, thank you. "

William Midlane – Endurance Athlete
What an incredible experience! Amazing, loved it! Neck was perfect and thank you for all the support! Now for the next challenge...


Michelle Oliver – Sports Massage Therapist
Just want to let you know that you have fixed my neck and my headache has gone... yippee!


Gemma Ireland – Director Bodyflow
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Neck is at last better. Thank you!


Sylvain Reviron – Sales Director

"Rhys was recommended to me by my Capoeira teacher as I was suffering from a knee injury for almost two years. Thanks to his holistic approach and his great expertise, Rhys helped me to recover, with tangible result on flexibility and strength of my leg I was given very specific exercises and personalised advise, cession after cession, which helped me to achieve my goals and gave me confidence that nothing is ineluctable. What a journey!"


Ben Habib – CEO First Property Group plc

"I got up this morning and for the first time in years had no pain in my heel or ankle. And that is after a four mile run yesterday and an hour of tennis. Phenomenal. You are a genius."


David Loyd – Director

"All Hail, Oh Greatest Living Physio,The back stood up to the shooting well, hurrah.. It is a lot better and I am going to wait for a couple of days to see if we should have another go! It is less painful, in part, because I stubbed my toe so badly yesterday letting the dogs out early in the morning that the pain of the back is overwhelmed by the agony of my big toe!
Life is not easy! Thank you for all your help."


"My back remains in great shape."


Griselda Kerr – Garderner and Writer

"Rhys Chong at the ‘Physical Edge’ Clinic has very gently but firmly brought my left hip back into action having had it diagnosed with Osteoarthritis aggravated by  some pulled muscles and tendons from a skiing accident.  It was to Rhys that I went in the immediate aftermath of my return from skiing but he advised that a scan would be necessary before any correct physiotherapy could be applied.  The specialist to whom I was then referred was impressed by this cautious approach because wrong treatment would, I was told, have considerably aggravated the underlying cause of pain (arthritis) and the healing process of the muscles.  Rhys Chong was able to study the MRI scan and ultrasound results and from then, over the next 10 weeks, provided simple exercises to be done for about 10 – 15 minutes morning and evening which he monitored and adjusted until movement was restored.  Maintenance of the joint was made a priority and his gentle chastisement for overuse has made it clear how to get the most satisfactory long term use out of poor hip joints until such time as they are replaced.  Some deep muscle massage was done and the methods of achieving useful muscle massage at home shown to me.  Of course essential to the recovery has been a determination to do the exercises every day but without his guidance and counsel I would now be unable to walk upstairs or sit down with any comfort let alone carry out a very active programme of gardening which forms the essential ingredient of my day.  I am happy to endorse his work, his attitude and his professionalism."


Lucy Holliday – Entrepreneur, Chef and Yoga Instructor

"I am so grateful for all the treatments that he gave me and it has really helped, I'v been sitting crossed legged all day at my desk, like a little Buddha and it doesn't hurt!"


James Ramsay – Company Director

"I sustained a fairly significant injury to my right calf just two weeks before the Paris Marathon, hobbling home after 20 minutes of a 3 hour training run. I was in severe pain and could not imagine recovering in time. Rhys and his team worked on my calf with a series of exercises, stretches, and massages on several occasions in the two weeks. My recovery was rapid and I ran the marathon without any discomfort in my calf.  Have to say, I was astonished! Huge thanks to Rhys and his team."


Laurence Bouvard – Professional voiceover artist and Half marathon runner

"After several months in increasing pain, my athletic teenage daughter was finally convinced to visit Rhys for a check. He quickly and correctly diagnosed severe shin splints, which was confirmed by a specialist surgeon, bringing her sports involvement to an immediate and complete halt, much to her great distress. Working closely with my daughter, Rhys designed a personal rehab programme not only to aid her recovery, but to improve her strength to prevent future issues, and help her to understand why the injury had occurred in the first place. I'm delighted to say that now, a few months later, my daughter is fully recovered, shin splints completely healed and she is back on a full training schedule in all her sports, stronger than she was before. I would unhesitatingly recommend Physical Edge for the whole family."


Angela Wright
"Just to let you know skiing was great and ankle brilliant. No bother what so ever. Big thank you to you for all your support and great work."


Caroline Johnson

"I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on my shoulders a few weeks ago. The session really helped and combined with 2 weeks rest over Xmas and no gym I feel much better."

Lorna Jefferies

"I have suffered from disc-related trouble, taking various forms, for several years. Stacey and Rhys' post-operative care, ongoing treatment and quick, skilful responses to the inevitable flair-ups have been a godsend. It makes a huge difference to feel that the cause and symptoms of your back problems are genuinely understood."


Nicholas Prettejohn – Chairman, Brit Insurance Holdings

You really fixed my back - I was playing golf that weekend as you predicted. Thank you very much!


Christopher Brocklehurst – Investment Banker

Thanks for looking at my foot, or I couldn’t run it at all!


"Huge thanks to all of you who sponsored myself and Jonny to run the London marathon on Sunday in aid of the NSPCC. The pair of us ran together from start to finish, crossing the line in a time of 3 hours and 50 minutes. It’s nearly two days after and I can still barely walk. The best news is that Jonny and I have raised a whopping £11,000 for the NSPCC! That makes the pain all worthwhile and I am sure that both Jonny’s mum and Claire’s mum would be very proud of you all.

Thank you once again, Chris & Jonny"


Jake Russell – Estate Agent
Rhys came very highly recommended to me and rightly so. Highly professional, incredibly friendly and crucially he sorted my back and neck problems out!


Nick Thompson – Creative Director JWT (Advertising)

"I have been referred to Rhys now on two separate occasions (hip/back) and have been impressed with Rhys knowledge, professionalism and skill. He's very approachable and friendly and gives you every confidence that he's going to give you the very best help. After a brief consultation Rhys will assess you, then start to work on the area involved and like a super sleuth he gets to the heart of the offending body part, and ultimately helps get you back to full fitness. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rhys, he's certainly helped get me back to feeling fit and healthy again."


Paul Waddup – Creative Head

"Rhys Chong is a real star, his physio work has helped me get back to full health and mobility. I was a little nervous to begin with but he soon put me at ease with his healing hands and cheery smile, I would (and have) recommended him to anyone experiencing muscular discomfort and immobility. Thanks Rhys!!!"


Tim Hextall - Finance Director
"Could you let Rhys know that using the foam roller on my leg has had miraculous results and I am now out of pain and can walk miles. Well diagnosed that man!"


Sophie Henderson

"I just wanted you to know that I completed my 50km walk yesterday from Putney to Runnymede along the river in 10 hours.  I did in fact finish very strongly however I had a low patch in the middle of the day when I didn't think I would make it!  No blisters and not a tweak in my back which is amazing - however I am pretty stiff today and not taking the dogs for a walk anywhere!  So thank you so much for strengthening me up for that both mentally and physically I feel it was a great achievement!  And we raised nearly £1000 for Great Ormond street Hospital which was a bonus."


Aladdin Barakat – Chef and Business Owner Aladino's Restaurant

"I came with left sided Frozen Shoulder and it was painful treatment, Rhys' hands were like Octopus arms. When he said he would give me a break his hands would start attacking my neck, they never gave me a break. When my left shoulder was better I developed Frozen shoulder on the right side. I was happy because I was going to be treated by Rhys again."


Caroline Pickthorn – Solicitor's Paralegal/Legal Assistant

"I went to Rhys, suffering from a 'frozen shoulder'. He immediately 
diagnosed 'Adhesive Capsulitis' and, over a year, gave me easy but carefully-constructed exercises, and lots of excellent encouragement, until the pain went and my shoulder returned to normal. It was a huge relief."


Jono Lloyd – Personal trainer

"My name is Jono Lloyd and I am a personal trainer working in the South Kensington area. I've known Rhys for over 5 years now and have built up a great professional relationship with him by sending certain clients to him whenever they had a certain issue to deal with, and I must highlight that he has had a 100% success rate with all of them.

I recently had a serious shoulder compression injury in which I damaged my rotator cuff and bursa of my left shoulder. I called Rhys the morning after and within a couple of hours he managed to squeeze me in to his busy schedule to see me and treat me. After having dry needles and massage therapy he sent me on my way with the correct knowledge of how to speed up my recovery. 3 days later I was on my flight to Ibiza to enjoy my holiday with a fully functioning shoulder.

I would and will without a shadow of doubt only ever use Rhys to treat me or any of my clients in the future. For me personally, Physio is a little daunting and you need someone who you can trust fully. Rhys only ever delivers this."


Jen Loo – Mother

My 10 year football mad son Isaac loves to play footie every single day of the week. Sunday practice, Saturday little league, Wednesday practice and school day lunchtime games! Last summer he began to complain of frequent pain in his feet following any footie.

+ Read More

This pain would last the evening and I thought it was just 'growing pains', or 'flat feet', or tight shoes (so we bought new shoes), or pain from kicking the ball too hard etc.....Finally after the constant reoccurring pain (6 months later), I decided that I had better get it checked out by a professional, in case my ignoring it, would actually cause more permanent damage and pain in future.

I took Isaac to see Rhys Chong at Physical Edge for a consultation (half expecting him to say that Isaac just needed to quit his beloved Footie), But.......Rhys was very child-friendly, asking Isaac a series of specific questions about his pain, the location in his feet, how frequent, how long etc... (meanwhile my other 2 younger children were playing with all the exciting physio- treatment apparatus, the large bouncing balls etc... ).

Within approx 20 minutes, Rhys was able to diagnose that feet pain was actually caused by tightness deep in his calf muscles (not anywhere near the feet really!). Yes, Isaac was playing footie as much as any 10 year old boy, but his calf muscles just beneath his knee were very tight and hard. Some children's bodies react differently to different activities, with Isaac his feet would ache from the running and kicking action.

For the following week, Isaac had to take a 7 day football 'rest' with a 15 minute nightly massage routine before his bedtime. Rhys showed me how to massage the correct muscles to ensure the depth of penetration.

After the weeks rest and he was able to return to playing footie twice weekly (I had to continue the nightly massage) then every second day and now daily. I do not need to massage his calves daily anymore, only when he has footie 'marathon' sessions ( usually on Sundays he plays from 10am until 3pm at the park with his friends).

Isaac and I are so pleased that we made the decision to visit Rhys. He has helped Isaac to eliminate his foot pain from simple but specific massage. Rhys has made a contribution to Isaacs well being and happiness, but has also prevented more serious long term damage if I had dismissed or ignored his complaints! And now thanks to Rhys, my 10 year old's dream of becoming a professional footballer lives on!



Anna Leask – Video Services Director, 10km age group swimmer

"Rhys treated me for a long standing painful knee problem with a mixture of exercises, regular treatment, plus lots of support and encouragement.   I have now had almost a year without pain or a recurrence of my knee locking and am also now aware of the triggers that might caused the problems, and most importantly what to do to avoid future pain. I cannot thank Rhys or his team enough for their help and support."


Rachel Harrison – Head of Communications

"I have held off contacting you for fear of speaking too soon but it's so much better! Can't thank you enough. I am keeping up with the tennis ball every day and always just before a run but I did 8 miles on wed no problem at all. I said to Alex you should have 'genius' on your business cards! Thank you for all your help."


Marko Stojanovik – Strategy Analyst

"I am writing this short letter of recommendation to describe the outstanding treatment I have been receiving from Rhys. I recently completed a bike ride for a charity in France that was 375 miles long over 5 days. Due to my lack of training and preparation, I started to feel a sharp and severe pain in my knees only after the 1st first day of riding. It is not something I’ve felt before, and when I arrived at the hotel, my only thought was to call Rhys and hope he would be able to help – note that I called well outside of working hours. To my surprise he answered his personal mobile and we spent about 30 minutes going through my condition. I was even more surprised when he managed to diagnose the problem over the phone and knew exactly what I needed to do to reduce the discomfort. I followed his clear instructions and advice throughout the journey, and although the pain would occasionally return towards the end of each day, I managed to continue cycling and complete the entire ride at a reasonable pace considering my situation. I know for a fact that if I did not talk to Rhys and receive his advice, I wouldn’t have continued after the 1st day! Thanks for all your help Rhys and continue the excellent work!"


John Sutcliffe – Editor, BBC Global News

I broke my ankle in two places in April 2011. For the last six months I have been receiving Physio from Rhys Chong. From the moment I started treatment I could not have received better treatment anywhere. His method has been a mixture of encouragement and excellent advice regarding what I should be doing on a daily basis at home. There has been a marked improvement in mobility and general ease of walking since I began my treatment. My ambition six months ago was to return to the tennis court and, six months on, Rhys has helped me to achieve that goal. He has been tremendous and I could not recommend him more warmly to anyone who has undergone a major bone operation and who needs the very best physio available.


Louise Banks – New Business Development Manager

I was recommended to go and visit Rhys by a personal trainer from the gym. After not being able to train properly for three months and the pain in my hamstrings and gluteus was getting considerably worse, I decided to book in with Rhys for some assistance.

After having a few intensive physio sessions with Rhys I am now able to train properly and can run again without experiencing any pain or discomfort. His technique and stretching exercises are the best and he really helped me to get back up and running again (literally)!

I would definitely recommend Rhys to anyone that has any kind of injury as the methods he uses really do work. I have been recommending Rhys to some of my Iron Man friends and he has already started treating them.


Laura Guida – Patent and licence management executive

A friend recommended that I see Rhys Chong as I had been suffering from ankle and foot problems for a few years and walking was quite painful. Rhys was patient and thorough, attentive to the detail so as to get to the root of the problem.  Therapy sessions were very helpful and in combination with the advice and exercises I have found great relief.


Marko Stojanovik – Strategy Analyst

I would like to provide a short testimonial of the first class treatment that I have been receiving at Physical Edge by Rhys.

I’ve been having problems with my right shoulder for several months now and tried a lot of different ways to get better. I initially tried reading articles on the internet and hoping to find someone that would have the answers. However I slowly realised this is not the approach to take. I then decided to see a physiotherapist, and after visiting a number of different physios in London I began to realise that I was not improving even though I was doing all the exercises I was given. It seemed to me that the physiotherapists could not see what was wrong with me, and where the pain was coming from.

I was then referred to Physical Edge by my colleague, who was extremely happy with the treatments he has been receiving there. I decided to try my luck, and during my first 30min, I realised that Rhys definitely knows his stuff. He quickly realised that my whole body posture was wrong and that my right shoulder and ribs were not aligned properly. Over the course of 4 weeks I improved dramatically. I have been doing the exercises that he recommended and as a result my rib cage, shoulder blade and related muscles have slowly returned to their correct positions. The pain is almost gone, and I am slowly going back to swimming and playing football.

I strongly recommend Physical Edge. At least go for one session and see for yourself.


Robert Norton – CEO, Digital Media Business
I've met many physios and Rhys is among the very best.  He is smart, thorough, attentive and takes the time to really listen to the issues at hand.  Like the best, he is commited to relieving pain and getting you back in top form.  Thank you Rhys!


Marina Nola – Senior Project Manager

I went to see Rhys with a foot injury that threatened to stop me from running the Berlin marathon that was just 10 days away. Rhys conducted a thorough assessment and quickly established the root cause of my injury rather than simply treating the symptoms. Rhys gave me an action plan to follow over the course of the next 10 days to give me the best shot at rehabilitating sufficiently to enable me to start and hopefully finish the race. I followed the rehab plan Rhys gave me and my foot got better each day. 10 days later I lined up at the start line of the Berlin marathon with 40,000 others - over the moon to be there but a little nervous about how my foot was going to hold up. 26 miles later I ran through the Brandenburg Gate and down the home straight to the finish line under my target time. It was an amazing feeling. Thank you so much Rhys for helping me complete the race! Looking forward to working with you on my longer term rehab plan.


Emma Pratt – Account Director, London advertising agency
Rhys has been my physio for four years now and I know whenever I go to see him with whatever back related problem I may have that he will quickly get to the root cause of it, treat if effectively and have me back on my feet and pain free quicker than anyone else I have ever seen. 


I am a very active person and regularly dance and play tennis so it is important to me that I recover quickly from injuries and have full mobility. Rhys is fantastic and setting the right exercises to help with rehabilitation and it's amazing how much they help and what a difference they make to reducing pain and making a full and speedy recovery (I have actually just done mine before writing this!).


It is always difficult to find the time to fit in the exercises though and they can seem a chore at times but Rhys always emphasises the importance of them so I try to do them rigorously and have even been known to pack tennis balls and exercise tubing in my suitcase and taken them on holiday with me so I can ensure I'm doing my bit to support the work Rhys does in the surgery. It really does make all the difference and I'm always amazed at how quickly and well my condition improves when I combine the exercises Rhys sets with the treatment he gives me.


Andrew Shelton – TV commercials Producer
Just to let you know that you worked your magic on my left shoulder... it feels so much more normal and relaxed and no pain/tension! It hasn't felt so fluid in ages! Also the plaster I wore felt great, really warm and comforting! Didn't want to take it off! (but have done now) So many thanks for sorting me out!


Karen Kaldezar – Director

WOW, my back is not hurting and my stomach is flatter. The exercises seem to be working. Thank you so much.


Deepa Kalikiri – Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management Director

"I have been suffering from a very painful back for few years and tried a chiropractor, acupuncture, and different types of massages, but really had no improvement. On my first appointment with Rhys, the root of the problem was found and treatment has been successful from then on. Rhys took a lot of time listening to all my concerns in order to identify specific area that needed treatment.


What really sets Rhys apart is his personal endeavour to resolve issues that may have been going on for years and years and yet have never been resolved. He has a true passion in his care. He made me realize how my back pain was linked to my day to day life. Through the sessions, he helped me develop a body/mind balanced approach giving me the basis to live my life more skilfully. I will definitely recommend Rhys to friends and colleagues. Thank you Rhys!"


Christine St. John

"Very simply, if you are suffering pain, go to Rhys Chong. He will identify the root of the pain and make it go away. Why live with pain ? Why? Go to him and get it sorted. There is no one better."


Trudi Charles – Legal Manager Global Fuels, BP

"Many of the testimonials on this website talk about Rhys being special… and he is! I cannot speak highly enough of Rhys and I have happily (and with great confidence) referred many friends to him over the years. I'm a keen tennis player and Rhys has treated me for various injuries during the past 7 years ranging from a wrist injury, lower back problems, a torn calf muscle and most recently an intensive 3 month period of rehabilitation following ligament repair surgery on my ankle.


Rhys has a very analytical and holistic approach to diagnosis and I've learnt a lot from him about the exercises and stretches I need to do both during recovery and beyond to help prevent further injury. I have a personal trainer and throughout my rehab from surgery, Rhys would write to him regularly to set exercises to ensure we kept pushing the intensity level and momentum of my recovery. I was back on court within 3 months and I couldn't have done it without the 2 of them working together in the way that they did.


Rhys genuinely cares about his patients and when you combine that with his obvious professional skill and experience, you have a first class physio."


Lucy Morris

"Cannot tell u the relief so much better!! Slept well."


Ed Richards – Board Communications Director, Leo Burnett

"I've seen Rhys for a number of years now for various sport & work-related injuries...it's an ongoing joke that no sooner have we got one thing fixed that something else goes wrong! But I have total confidence in Rhys, and his superior knowledge & experience means that I feel like I'm in a very safe pair hands.


Rhys is a great listener, certainly patient, and always keen to get to the root cause of the problem, rather than superficially treating my injuries. One thing I find hugely beneficial is that he gives me the knowledge and the tools to continue the physio treatment outside of his office.


As Rhys says, only 10% of the healing gets done in his surgery...the other 90% is done by you back at home. And it's true - you have to be dedicated to fixing your problem. If you don't put in the hours yourself, then you're unlikely to see faster or more quality results. Rhys is a true professional and I would happily recommend him to any of my friends or colleagues."


Gary Burr – Senior Tax Manager

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rhys. I've been to many physiotherapists over the years for various injuries, but none have had Rhys' patient and analytical approach to diagnosis. He is always careful to try to get to the root cause of a problem rather than just treat the symptom.


Rhys is very good at giving a variety of exercises to be done at home to ensure that recovery is as quick as possible.


I've just completed my first marathon and suffered a couple of minor injuries during training. Rhys was invaluable during this time at not only treating the injuries quickly so that I could get back to training, but also with advice and tips based upon his own experiences having completed endurance events himself."


Janice Dickinson – American model, fashion photographer, actress, author & model agent

I am very grateful to Rhys for his treatment. He guided my recovery from injury and got me into a world class consultant very quickly. It's easy to see why the consultant rates Rhys as London's top physiotherapist.


Charles Thompson – Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP

When I first met Rhys the pain in my right ankle was so great that I could barely walk.I had booked to see Rhys because the consultant surgeon was suggesting that I needed extensive surgery on my right foot.This was a complex operation involving broken bones and the resetting of ligaments with a 4 to 6 month rehabilitation process.


Rhys is analytical in his initial diagnosis which is comforting. He wants to find the root of the problem, he does not leap into manipulation or massage immediately.He then sets you some exercises, which to begin with seem low impact and unlikely to be effective. How wrong could I be.


I say this as I have been visiting physios for 15 years and to date received many massages and neural stretch routines but no exercises to build up weak muscle groups.


Within 6 weeks there was a visible reduction in the swelling around my right ankle and 12 weeks later I could walk without any pain.


I also had some acupuncture which seemed to accelerate the healing process. I plan to be able to build up to running for 1 mile and then 2 miles over the next few months.This is a wonderful result; no surgery and a massive improvement in my physical life and emotional life.


Rhys is special.

It has been a long journey to find someone as good as Rhys.

Rhys wants to cure problems so that you do not have to come back to see him again.I like that in a medical practitioner.


Having cured my ankle last year, Rhys has now worked on tennis elbow and with exercises, massage and acupuncture, has solved that injury in double quick time.

Ian Christie – Advertising executive

“I ran across a road the other day. Nothing unusual about that normally, but without Rhys, I couldn't have done it. Rehabilitating after ankle and knee surgery, Rhys was able to get me mobile far quicker than expected. It was his strategy to take an holistic approach that was instrumental - my knee problem was only completely fixed by his assessment of the condition of the opposite ankle. An insight that others had missed.

Professional as well as efficient - I will continue to recommend Rhys without hesitation...”


Kevin Chesham – World Olympic distance Triathlete

I first met Rhys when I was living and working in Auckland New Zealand(1996-1998). At the time i was a GB age group triathlete and national Duathlon and Triathlon winner in UK. An injury found me at a clinic run by an amazing man called Warwick Lightbourne. His company clin-tech were helping all ages of people some athletes some non-sporting some doing keep fit or training to stay in shape. Unlike treatment I had in the UK here was a complete-across-many spectrums approach. Looking at the problem and not justing treating it hands on but checking around the body for inbalances that may have caused the injury. I was given a programme as the treatment moved forward and followed it to the letter and back to training and a win at the NZ Duathlon and Triathlon National champs.


Fast-forward... UK a few years ago and age pehaps having more of an effect I was injured. I emailed Warwick in NZ and he told me that the"young-man" who was working with him when I was there(Rhys) was now set up in the UK and in London. I visited Rhys and was given a full check re my injuries. Again I followed the programme and advice that was given. Again... it worked in 2010 and back in training I won the BTA nationnal Aquathlon and the sprint triathlon and the Olympic triathlon. The only age grouper to ever win all 3 tri-events in the same year. I was also 2nd at the national duathlon. At the world duathlon champs held in Edinburgh I was 5th. The at the worrld triathlon and aquathlon champs in Budapest I was 4th in the triathlon Olympic and was first, and world champion in the Aquathlon. In 2011 I won bronze at the european triathlon champs in Spain. Having moved to work and live in the middle east I have this year won my age group at 2 Dubai triathlons. I am still in email contact with the physical-edge team as now I cannot visit due to my location. I know the treatment and advice work and am so please so, thank you to Rhys and to the pysical-edge team.

Beverley Mason and Kevin Chesham – Triathletes

“The champs started with the world Aquathlon champs for age groupers and Elites...

Okay mate!!...keep it brief for now but Bev took silver!!!! 2nd...in the 40-44 and old man Kev...55-59...Took Gold!!! I joke not mate... if i remember from NZ... Bev and I are... Stoked... in UK we are Chuffed To Bits... amazing Rhys we nearly cried. You try your best in training and racing but to come out here against all the other countries and take a medal... wow!!.

We are 2010 British Triathlon Association Champs at the Aquathlon but now International Triathlon Union(ITU)world medalists.”

Sarah Haywood – Wedding Designer

“Good news is that since my last visit I am completely pain free! I have been doing the exercises, laptop all but consigned to a drawer and no long periods of inactivity stuck behind the desk.... so THANK YOU!”


Cris Cole – Screenwriter
“A long term injury to my neck/shoulder that was causing a fair bit of discomfort when I turned my head, was diagnosed, treated and rectified quickly and easily. Thanks very much. I'd definitely recommend Rhys.”


Mehmet Ali – Metropolitan Police Const
“I would like to say a big Thank You to you at Physical Edge. As you know I serve the Metropolitan Police as a Constable. This entails a lot of walking as you can imagine and gets quite a bit harder on the knees when you put on weight, as I have done.

I have been suffering with knee problems for some years now and the bad food habits persisted until I came into your treatment room. Being a Police Officer I often found myself grabbing unhealthy take away food on the go.

I would like to say Thank You for the treatment and for going over and above what you needed to do with trying to get me onto a more healthy way of life. Both eating and exercise. I know you had to keep on at me, but I am now doing better things with my life. I watch what I eat more closely and have a regular exercise regime that I keep to. I must put all this down to you so Thank You.”

Daryl Fielding – Vice President, Marketing of Kraft Foods

“Rhys’s brand of physiotherapy is to be both practical and intensive. He sorted out a very painful neck for me very quickly, by a combination of manipulation, exercises and advice on my posture. He is intelligent and thoughtful and gave me a regime that worked for my lifestyle. The pain I was experiencing has not returned several months later, so the effectiveness of the treatment is sustainable.”

Beverley Mason - triathlete
“Just wanted you to know that I won the National Swim/run championships on Saturday at Milton Keynes. That was in my age group 35-39 and I have just turned 39! It was a 750m swim and 5k run. That is the fourth time I have won it - but of course I didn't compete last year. Thanks to you - I have been able to win it again!”

Daniel Priestley – Entrepreneur
“I've really enjoyed watching Physical Edge launch into the world of social media. I've known Rhys Chong to be on the cutting edge of his field. He is again proving this by connecting with patients- new and existing- on a level not possible without social media. His videos allow people to have a personal physio at home, his Twitter updates offer advice and updates, the blog educates anyone interested in matters of physical care and other sites such as facebook allow great communication between people.

Its amazing to connect with a qualified expert through this medium and as a result have such a specialised field become accessible to all. Rhys has shown a great dedication to his patients and a passion for physiotherapy.”

Daniel Priestley is an entrepreneur, currently with several successful businesses and an in demand international speaker. Find out more at www.triumphantevents.co.uk.

Paul Goldfinch – UBS Head of Finance EMEA markets
“After years of regular back problems and many visits to many different ‘experts’, Rhys was the first person who took the time to really sit down with me, study my habits and identify the root cause of my pain.

Subsequent to his treatment and making the recommended changes to my daily routine I have been pain free... 18 months already.

Rhys takes a genuine interest in his clients, is very positive and an excellent attitude and most importantly really knows his stuff.

I would recommend him to anyone.”

Sheron Wray – Jazz Dancer
“The treatment I had with Rhys Chong enabled me to work again without the pain and restriction that was seemingly chronic in my hip. The rehabilitation has enabled lasting stability and a return to my full range of movement.”


Henriett Tunyogi – Ballerina
“As a ballerina my body requires special care. My body was really exhausted after an extended time of constant traveling and per­forming with daily 5-6 hour rehearsals. I had pains everywhere.

Luckily I met Rhys Chong, who perfectly understood my problems. After the first treatment I felt great relief. Following a few more my body was reborn. I regained the feeling of total freedom in my dancing. So I can whole-heartedly recommend Physical Edge to everybody and to my colleagues who need special care.”

Nicola Sacher – Creative Director
“ ‘Torturer’ the first words I uttered after treatment 1 with Rhys Chong. ‘Brutal’, ‘Mean’, ‘Cruel’ and ‘Insane’ all followed. Privately I feel freedom restored inside my body and call him my ‘Saint’.”

Kate Ginn – Secretary, Author & Lecturer
“Balance between mind, body and spirit is vitally important if I am to be able to do all I want to do each day. However, the reality is there are times when I don't express my emotions well or I overdo something physically and I find myself feeling out of shape both physically and emotionally.

This is when I go for physiotherapy with Rhys at Physical Edge. At my sessions Rhys assists me by getting my body back in alignment whilst also listening with compassion to my endless chatter about where I am stuck before encouraging me to seek solutions.

He is a practical, caring health practitioner and I really enjoy my physiotherapy sessions with him because I leave there feeling lighter in all ways and ready to take on the world again ... until the next time ...”

Nick Appell – Extreme Athlete & Polar Explorer
“During the build up to the North Pole Marathon, I had terrible trouble with my both my shins. I was unable to run at all.

Had I not had the exceptional treatment from Rhys there is no way I would have been able to take part in this incredible event. Thanks Rhys for making that possible.”

Peter Campbell
“I was referred to Rhys by my doctor as a last resort, having been told by an eminent Harley Street specialist that I had a worn cartilage that would not respond to treatment or surgery. My knee was causing considerable pain as I walked and affecting my desire and ability to play golf, go on city breaks with my wife etc. The specialist's advice was to learn to live with a bit of pain, buy new shoes, lose a bit of weight and do a few exercises!

In three months over about 10 sessions of 30 min, Rhys has transformed me so I can now walk without discomfort to the extent that I can now play 36 holes of golf in a day! His diagnosis and questioning are thorough and persistent; his treatments are intense and relevant; and the exercises he recommends are simple and effective; he always begins each session by reviewing efficacy of treatment and exercises.

Above all he is interesting and interested; I could not recommend him more strongly.”

Mohamed Afzel – Accountant
“I was referred to Rhys Chong at Physical Edge by a colleague at work. I had a rotator cuff injury which by the time I came to see Rhys had precipitated to a frozen shoulder.

The careful assessment, painstaking therapy care and instructions given by Rhys had transformed me from almost a cripple to regain my full range of movement with my arm and shoulder.”


Katy Young

There is no way I would have got around the 26.2 miles f the London Marathon in 2007 without Rhys’s treatment and support. It was hard work… sometimes it was painful(!) but I learnt so much.


Rhys’s patience and encouragement kept me going at a time when I thought my body – and my mind – were going to give out, and I know that my training, then and now, has benefited greatly.


Thanks again, and here’s to the next marathon…!


Sarah Harley

I had 3 months to up my fitness regime before the trip of a lifetime to Kiliminjaro. During this training period I started to experience pain to the right-hand side of my left knee whilst running/trekking. This was extremely frustrating as it was affecting my progress. I decided to seek help with a physio.


I had a series of sessions over an 8 week period with Rhys prior to my trip. He combined electro-acupuncture with more traditional physio practice to help combat the issue with my knee. I had never heard of, let alone had electro-acupuncture so I was slightly apprehensive. However, I am convinced that this played a significant role in my recovery!


I would thoroughly recommend Rhys as a physiotherapist. He was highly professional and efficient in his approach and got to the core of the problem very quickly. I am delighted to say that I didn’t experience any pain throughout my trip even after trekking for at least 5 hours a day for 8 days! I got to enjoy an amazing experience without any of the pain I had felt previously.


Warren Dekkers

As a young teenager I was diagnosed with Sheurmanns disease which has effected my posture and the way I exercise. As a result I have suffered from back, neck and knee pain most of my life. At the age of 38 my personal trainer, Wayne Alleyne urged me to see a physiotherapist to get my condition professionally assessed.


I made an appointment with Rhys Chong for a full postural analysis. Rhys spent time looking at the range of motion, flexibility and stability that I had and together we worked on each individual area to improve my overall posture. We discussed improvements to my work station set up, sleeping positions, mattress quality and how I could improve my general daily exercise and training.


After each session I was given a series of exercises to do on my own and to incorporate into my gym training with Wayne. Wayne designed a training program which helped maintain my physiotherapy results and work towards my personal fitness goals. My physiotherapy sessions consisted of deep tissue and muscle massage, acupuncture with electrical pulses put through the needles and stability exercises. After 3 months I can personally see an improvement and feel almost pain free for the first time in my life.


I would urge anyone with joint pain or injury to book a session with Rhys and get yourself checked out. This is the best thing that I have ever done.


Rhys you have been brilliant – thank you! And thank you to you too Wayne for encouraging me to go in the first place.


Alan Hodgart – Managing Director

I have known Rhys for around five years and have, over that time, become a friend of his as well as a client. I was a professional cyclist for quite a number of years and dealt with many physiotherapists then. I now work with people from all manner of professions as a part of my job and I rank Rhys in the top 5% of all professional people I have come across.

He is highly skilled, up to date with the latest techniques and methodologies. He is prepared to try different approaches if one doesn’t appear to be working or to suit a client: he has the depth of knowledge that allows him to be flexible in his approach and avoid the ‘one way suits all’ that many others, too often, follow.

He communicates actively with you. He probes to find the problem and listens carefully to what you say. He is patient with his questions even when you have trouble identifying exactly where something isn’t right. When he finds the problem he explains what it is, the treatment he is going to give and what the outcome is likely to be, immediate and later. He communicates a quiet confidence that reassures the client that no matter the problem he will be able to deal with it.

He is caring, one of the hallmarks of excellent professionals, and he demonstrates this in every interaction with you. He really does care about you and your problem and will put himself out to help you. For example, I fractured a patella in a cycling accident in Austria recently. I called Rhys after leaving the Austrian hospital to tell him and immediately he gave me advice about some exercises to do while I was in a splint. He followed up every day by text, often late at night, to see how I was and arranged to see me as soon as I was able to walk. He is committed to getting you well again and this mirrors the care he demonstrates. He knows active people are not just going to stop everything because they have some damage and he shows you how to remain active without worsening a particular problem.

His caring approach and commitment comes through in a number of ways. For example, after my accident (mentioned above) I was somewhat negative about a quick recovery and concerned about the loss of form that could result. He was very motivational and supported me through my recovery. As it happened the recovery was amazingly quick (even confounded the doctors in that I was cycling again in half the time they estimated) and I give much of the credit to Rhys. He talked me up at every appointment and by text in between appointments. Showing that support and getting me into a positive frame of mind about the injury made an enormous difference in how I responded to treatment and gave me the energy to make every effort to recover.

Two final points. He has always solved my problems even deep seated ones. He has never failed to get to the heart of the problem and address it. Second, it’s fun to be with him. He is positive, cheerful, intelligent and genuinely nice. It might sound strange but when we finish a treatment I feel slightly disappointed that I won’t be visiting him until the next injury (which I know will happen). That tells you almost all you need to know about him.


Louis Jebb

Rhys Chong has twice helped me to recover from injury. On both occasions he guided me to a complete and lasting recovery. His expertise and positive approach were very reassuring. I could feel his treating working by degrees. He taught me to understand the mechanics of my body, so that together we could heal the problem, and strengthen my frame in the long term, to protect against recurrence.


The Shoulder

On the first occasion, I was suffering considerable pain from a chronic shoulder problem, brought on by incorrect posture and poor work-station practises. Rhys taught me why bad posture and slovenly work patterns had created the problems in the first place. At the same time as correcting these failings, we worked on activation g the smaller muscles around the shoulder blade to provide better support. Small repetitive exercises made the joint more stable, and left me with a pain-free shoulder for the first time in months.


The Hamstring

The second occasion for treatment was a pulled hamstring. which I suffered doing sprints in the park, and stretching for too long a stride, Rhys helped me to calm the injury using first cold compresses and then hot compresses. He then brought me through a routine for stretching the back of my legs, while activating the connected muscles (the gluteus and lower abdomen) to give the healing hamstring the co-ordinated support it needed.


I have found that Rhys’s special quality as a physio is that he educates his patients as he treats them. He has a reassuringly direct, no-nonsense, approach to diagnosis. And during treatment, he teaches his patients to look after themselves, and thus avoid further injury. I can’t imagine being in better hands.


Louis Berkinshaw

I am a very keen footballer, playing for the Imperial College 1st XI. I had been training hard during the summer (running, weights, circuits) and was really looking forward to the season ahead. However, when I kicked a ball for the first time, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle; a recurrence of an injury from the previous season.


Since football is my main distraction from my studies, I would be devastated if I could not play. I decided to go to Rhys to see if he could help. I explained the injury and Rhys assessed my ankle. At first, it was not obvious what was wrong; I could run, twist and turn on the ankle, but just could not kick a ball without pain. Soon however, Rhys identified the problem and performed some exercises.


I soon felt an improvement and Rhys suggested I should now kick a ball to test it. I felt no pain at all. I returned to full training the next day, and again, felt no pain. I was greatly relieved that I could play football pain-free again, considering the importance of the sport in helping me through my studies.


I was hugely impressed by Rhys’s professionalism and obvious expertise. He offered me an appointment on the day that I contacted him. Rhys identified the problem and then solved it during the single appointment. I will certainly be returning if I pick up any other injury and will strongly recommend Rhys to my football team.



Physical Edge Client – Housewife
"I signed up with Stacey and Rhys after having a number of injuries and suffering with all sorts of muscular aches and pains after my 2 pregnancies. After having seen many doctors, osteopaths, chiropracters and other physios, I found myself worse and unable to get out of my situation and pain, which mentally dragged me down. Stacey was able to identify/diagnose and properly develop a program that was tailored to my specific body-wide problem. Stacey has the right attitude, and above all is extremely knowledgeable, and was able to identify where my pain was coming from each time. She would not let me give up and was able to help me progress both mentally and physically. She helped me progress from not being able to walk more than 150meters without being in pain to now working out rigorously with a cardio and a strength program that I never thought I could follow on a daily basis! I am still working with Stacey as a coach to progress my workouts in a safe manner as she is a fantastic mentor and knows how my body works much better than I do!"