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What programme is best suited to me?
There are three levels of programme with increasing input from your weight loss team.

The Base Programme will provide you with a nutritional plan and weight loss exercise programme for three months. It is up to you to make the programme work.

The Supported Programme will provide you with a nutritional plan and weight loss exercise programme, with reassessment and further guidance, on a monthly basis for three months. This programme gives you month support.

The Comprehensive Programme will provide you with a nutritional plan and weight loss programme, plus psychological support, and a programme to monitor your food diary and motivate you every 3-4 days. There is input from your support team on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis and is closely supervised.

Are the programmes flexible?
Yes, all programmes can be adapted to include various Specialists to fit to you needs. Speak to the Physical Edge Team for further advice.


Who do I contact to get started?
Call 02075814222 and ask to speak to Physical Edge Reception. Say you want further advice on Weight Loss Programme and you will be directed to the correct person to help you.


Who are the people involved in the programme?
Physical Therapist & Team leader: Stacey Millett-Clay
Nutritionist: Sarah Zorab
Psychotherapist: Virginia Mallin and Nell Carey
Personal Trainer: Karen Gordon
Massage Therapy: Michelle Oliver
Team Coordinator: Laura Szocs


Why is Psychotherapy important?
There is always an underlying emotional element to everything we do, if we’re not happy or realistic about ourselves, our bodies will reflect this: so it makes sense to look below the surface to help you progress and move forward, especially when weight can literally embody our sense of self-worth and wellbeing, and to bring our bodies and minds into alignment means we become aware, conscious of what hinders us, and therefore more able to move forward to achieve our goals.



What are the costs?
The price can vary if the programmes are altered to suit your needs. These are the standard costs for each programme.

Base Programme
Total cost £149.50 (single payment)

Supported Programme
Total cost: £408.25 (single payment)
Split Programme: £469.49, Deposit 50% (£234.74) and complete payment at end of Month 1 (£234.74)

Comprehensive Programme
Total price: £1357 (single payment)
Split Payment: £1492.70, Deposit 50% (£746.35) and complete payment at end of Month 1 (£746.35)


Option Price without Psychological Management Programme:
Total Price: £874 (single payment)
Split Payment: £961.40, Deposit 50% (£480.70) and complete payment at end of Month 1 (£480.70)


How long is the programme and what happens when I finish the programme?
Each programme runs for 3 months. At the end of 3 Months you can decide if you would like further support, and what elements of the programme you would like to use. Your Physical Edge Team member will create your bespoke programme and the cost of the programme.


Where is the programme run?
The programme is run from Physical Edge Ltd, 2 Pelham Street, South Kensington, SW7 2NG, London, 02075814222


Why should I chose a weight loss programme?
These Weight Loss programmes are designed for those people who do not want to go to a gym and need help to lose weight at home. They provide the education and guidance, in a language you will understand, to get fast results. The programmes will only work if you are motivated and follow the programme’s instructions carefully. Feel healthy and have more energy in your life.


Who do I call to ask more questions about the programme?
You can call 02075814222 and ask to speak to the Physical Edge Reception Team. The team will then connect you with the best person to answer your questions.