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Physical Edge recognises the alarming increase in obesity in Britain today and has a programme to tackle it. Obesity (or “being too overweight”) has major implications for our health; including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The impact of these conditions on our quality of life is far greater than most people recognise. Living with a major disease increases the risk of being unable to exercise or even move about normally, decreases energy and general health levels, and ultimately shortens life spans.

Physical Edge understands there are many factors which stop us from losing weight. These might include busy lifestyles, work and social demands, and convenience foods. But our eating habits and motivation can change, and, (unlike the UK weather!) change for the better with lasting results.

To enable us to lose weight, we must first recognise the impact on our lives of leaving it any longer. There has to be at least one reason why it has to happen now. This might be the risk of a heart attack, or the lack of energy when you wake up every morning, or day after day of feeling below par. Or you might even just want to look and feel fitter, brighter, more energized, and therefore more confident.

At some point we need to make a real decision that it is time to lose weight. There is nothing like the present. The longer we wait, the harder it is to break our unhealthy habits, and a vicious circle is set up where the more overweight we are, the more we are disheartened, the less we are motivated, and the harder it gets to maintain a healthy body.

Once you have decided to lose weight, and do it now, that’s where the team of professionals at Physical Edge steps in. We devise your specific plan and then focus on your goals, and will coach you through your weight loss programme from beginning to end.  We are focused on your success. Importantly, we understand that success includes paying attention to impediments and obstacles both physical and emotional. It is well known that there can be underlying negative self-beliefs that will block us from being healthy and happy – and health and happiness go hand in hand. Our bodies reflect our state of mind, and vice versa.

The importance of coaching is well-known in many areas of life where high performance and results are demanded: businesses employ and utilize the guidance of executive coaches or business mentors. In sport there are specialist coaches for every facet of performance. Schools use coaching and mentoring to support and motivate teaching staff.  At times of facing new challenges, coaching is a well-documented way to be supported personally towards the agreed goals and outcomes.

Physical Edge has the combined expertise to coach you to weight-loss success. We want you to get rapid but manageable results, and have the flexibility to make your programme bespoke to your needs. Each programme is designed for weight loss at home, away from the busy gym environment.

Physical Edge weight loss programmes have a defined structure, but all can be tailored to suit you. Talking with a Physical Edge team member will help you choose the best programme and “mix and match additional, optional services” for enhanced weight-loss success.

Physical Edge has developed three weight loss Programmes; Base, Supported and Comprehensive. Below is a description of these Programmes and the additional options available from our professional team.

You can contact us at any time to ask further questions. If you wish to explore further, we can start your weight-loss programme without delay.