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Hip Post-Op

The hip joint is often forgotten in the assessment of spinal and knee pain. However, it is a very important joint for fluid motion of the body and major hip injuries can lead to total hip joint replacement later in life. Today total hip joint replacements have excellent results, and can facilitate a return to sport and other activities. Crucial to this successful outcome is having the operation performed by an accomplished surgeon followed by specialised rehabilitation.

Here at Physical Edge we understand the appropriate rehabilitation protocols for different types of surgery. Our team of clinicians who specialise in prehabilitation and post-operative rehabilitation have years of experience and understand the physical and emotional support needed and are on hand to give you expert care.


In the past decade the need for hip operations in the uk has increased by 76%

The Best Possible Rehabilitation

At Physical Edge we go the extra mile to provide the best possible rehabilitation for you, so that you are active and mobile as soon as appropriate. Our offering includes close associations with leading surgeons in London; being at the cutting edge of research and surgical techniques and time invested discovering what is new and what works best for rehabilitation to deliver your optimum results.  As part of our unique pioneering approach, the team at Physical Edge have created the Optimum Post-Operative Rehabilitation Blueprint. We understand a team approach, including patient contributions, is required for best results after surgery, and using this blueprint our team specialises in prehabilitation and post-operative recovery and offer a clear pathway to get back to an active lifestyle. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

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