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Osteopathy is a non-invasive way of detecting, treating, and preventing health issues and injuries by moving, massaging, and stretching a person’s joints and muscles.

Although often used to treat sporting injuries, osteopathy is also an extremely effective way of treating the kinds of back pain, neck pain, and inflexibility that can come on as a result of the everyday strain we put on our bodies.
After your osteopathy consultation, we will put together a treatment plan that we’re confident will make you feel better quickly.

Each of our osteopaths is registered with both the General Osteopathic Council and The British Osteopathic Association.

28 Million people took time off work due to Back Pain in 2018

The condition affects people in all age groups but the over-50s are worst hit

Osteopathy for Back Pain

Around the world, osteopathy is fast becoming the go-to treatment for back pain – especially when standard approaches often rely on powerful painkillers.

A significant part of why we see such success with back pain in our osteopathy London clinic is down to the wide range of treatment techniques at our disposal. Sometimes, very gentle techniques are required to avoid aggravating issues – but in other cases, stronger and more direct techniques are required.

Although we aim for immediate results, in-clinic treatment will always be complemented with plenty of professional advice on how you can handle your back pain outside of your sessions too.

When you leave Physical Edge Soho, you’ll be equipped with useful information about posture, stretching, and other activities that will help to treat current conditions and prevent further issues into the future.

Osteopathy for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Pain and tension through your neck and shoulders can be debilitating – contributing to intense headaches and leaving you unable to perform day-to-day activities.

At our Central London osteopathy clinic, we employ treatment plans that have been proven to offer significant benefits for people experiencing neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and stiffness.

We use a series of techniques that will settle inflammation, restore proper blood flow, and encourage movement through your joints. We always very careful to work within your pain tolerance – monitoring the careful pressure we use with continual questioning and feedback.

When you leave your neck pain session, we’re confident you’ll feel significantly better – but we’ll make sure your progress continues with on-going advice you can put into practice to easily every day.

Osteopathy for Occupational Workplace Issues & General Discomfort

Some of the most painful conditions we treat aren’t related to sports or training, instead, they’re down to seemingly simple issues – your posture in your office chair, discomfort following pregnancy, or just an awkward injury thats come from just bending to pick something up.

At Physical Edge Soho, our Central London osteopaths never underestimate the strain that these everyday factors put on our bodies.

A detailed consultation and assessment will help us understand where the problem lies, how we can use a series of manipulation techniques to quickly treat it, and how we can make sure you avoid these kinds of issues going forward.

What is Osteopathy used to treat?

Both traditional osteopathy and cranial osteopathy are used to treat a range of conditions in patients, including:

Neck and shoulder pain
Frozen shoulder
Low back pain
Tennis elbow
Sporting and gym injuries
Postural issues relating to pregnancy

Of course, these are just some of the issues that osteopathy has proved to be effective in treating. Everyone’s body is different – so to decide if osteopathy is the best approach for your injury or issue, it’s highly recommended that you book a consultation and discuss your symptoms.

Osteopath Treatments As Part Of A Wrap-Around Holistic Approach

Sometimes, an osteopath will combine manual therapies with complementary therapies – such as medical acupuncture or dry needling.

This can enhance the way a patient’s body reacts to massaging and stretching – aiding recovery and pain relief.

Of course though, it’s not just complementary therapies that always pave the road to recovery for some patients. For some people, sports massage or physio services are used to support the work an osteopath does.

Having a wide range of therapies and injury rehabilitation options under one roof sets Physical Edge Soho apart from other London osteopath clinics. If you’ve paid for sessions and need to adjust your treatment to include massage, physio, or even personal training – you can – with zero hassle.

Osteopathic Treatment Options As Part Of A Holistic Approach

At first glance, it can be tricky trying to understand whether osteopathic medicine is the most effective treatment for your condition – or whether deep tissue massage or physiotherapy might be more effective.

At Physical Edge Soho, the way we work removes any question marks about the best course of treatment. We don’t just provide osteopathy – our sports injury clinic also boasts sports massage therapists and physiotherapists who can be used as part of your treatment plan.

What’s more, our partner business offers a huge range of gym-based rehabilitation options too.

For you, this means absolute flexibility. If you prefer to stick to osteopathy, you can – but if you’ve paid for a number of sessions and would like to switch between services and treatments, you can do that too – with zero hassle.

We are one of a number of world-class Central London osteopathy clinics – but our holistic approach to recovery offers highly-skilled options you often won’t find under one roof

What Happens When You Come To A Consultation At Our Osteopathy Clinic?

When you contact us to book osteopathy treatments, we’ll begin by finding a time that works around your schedule. We’re open before, during, and after standard work day times – and if that’s not convenient, we can arrange a weekend appointment.

When you get to us, your consultation will take place in our comfortable and well-equipped treatment room. We’ll ask you some questions about your pain – and you’ll have the opportunity to chat with us about the kinds of symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Ordinarily, a treatment plan will involve a series of sessions – but we’ll talk to you when you’re here about if that’s appropriate.

After we’ve discussed what we think will be the best way to treat your condition, we’ll usually be able to start your osteopathic treatment in the same session – so it’s a good idea to come in comfortable sports clothing. Don’t worry if you’ve come straight from the office – we have a private changing area you’re welcome to us.

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