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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are par for the course when participating in sports activities. However, recovery from injuries can be very different, depending on the treatment. The best recovery process starts with an immediate diagnosis followed by the optimal management of the acute phase of the injury and a clear plan for healing. The process concludes with loading the injured area appropriately back to sport.

At Physical Edge we love to work with athletes who are passionate about sport. When an athlete presents with an injury we provide immediate diagnosis either in person, via virtual call or by phone. 

Upon diagnosis, a team is created around the athlete. This includes a Physical Edge lead clinician who will take responsibility for the athlete and liaise and guide the team through each phase of injury recovery. The team can include Physical Edge clinicians, independent Personal Trainers and other Performance Therapists.


62% of sports injuries happen during practice or training

Tailored Treatment

Treatment is tailored to minimise time off training or enable the athlete to continue training where possible. This also requires close communication with coaches, so that informed decisions can be made about training plan changes. Physical Edge takes an interest in how each athlete performs so we don’t just lead the team and treat the injury – we want to know how things are going: what happened on their return to sport, how great their performance was, what niggles presented, and how ongoing improvement can be managed. Indeed, with our dynamic and forward thinking approach, we care and get involved and have the flexibility and time to help in anyway we can.

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